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Body Contouring Can Give You the Shape You Want

If you’ve never thought about body contouring treatments to help you achieve the body shape you desire, consider this: You’ve worked hard to lose excess fat and get yourself fitter and healthier. Several times each week, you’ve toiled for hours on a treadmill or in a spinning class or lifting weights. You’ve follow a strict…

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How to Reshape Your Body in 4 Steps With CoolSculpting

Even with the most diligent diet and exercise routine, some of us have difficulty losing stubborn pockets of fat. Belly fat, love handles, back fat, spare tires and saddlebag thighs are often determined by genetics and as such do not resolve on their own. Until recently, the only way to effectively eliminate fat from those…

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Turn Your Turkey Neck Into a Swan’s Throat with Ultherapy

One of the most elegant signs of youth is a long, sleek neck and firm jawline. Think Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady” or Natalie Portman in “The Black Swan.” It’s one of those things you take for granted when you’re young and then, one day, you look in the mirror and notice a “pooch”…

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The Truth About the Anti-Aging Promises of Microneedling RF

It’s been all the beauty rage the last few months. In fact, you’ve probably read about Hollywood A-listers who are turning to microneedling RF (short for radiofrequency) treatment as a less invasive Botox or laser alternative for restoring smooth, toned skin. However, as with any latest beauty trend, misconceptions develop for a variety of reasons,…

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What Facial Areas Can Be Treated With Botox?

When we age, imperfections begin to appear on our faces. Fine lines and deep creases mark your once beautiful and smooth skin. With innovations in science and technology, most people can prolong their youthful looks thanks to Botox, the most well-known anti-aging cosmetic product.  When properly administered by an experienced dermatologist, the treatment can create…

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The Worst Skincare Advice Heard by Our Dermatologists

There are so many contradictory opinions on the best skincare practices that many people feel frustrated in their search for ways to keep their skin healthy and glowing. From bizarre home remedies to extreme dietary restrictions, the dermatologists at Ava MD have heard it all. To protect oneself from the myths about skincare, it is…

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Five Skin Issues That Can Be Solved With IPL Treatments

IPL is one of the most common treatments being offered at local medical spas, and there’s a reason for it. IPL is capable of treating several skin conditions, such as dark sun spots, rosacea, irregular pigmentation, and more. That said, allow us to present some of the most common skin problems that can be treated…

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President Obama Bans Exfoliating Microbeads in the U.S.

Those tiny plastic particles suspended in your exfoliating shower gel, facial cleanser, and even your toothpaste are soon to be a thing of the past. President Obama recently signed a bipartisan bill that outlaws the buying and distributing of products that contain these miniature beads because they have had an astoundingly dangerous impact on U.S.…

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To Peel or Not to Peel

Everyday thousands of people go in for medical spas for cosmetic treatments and the word chemical peel is constantly brought up. But for many, the actual meaning of a chemical peel may be lost, which makes the dermatologists at AvaMD wonder if the right education is out there. Why do patients seem so confused? Why…

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The Top 7 Trends in Dermatology for 2016

With the New Year, many people are signing up for gym classes and weight loss programs to get the look they’ve always wanted. But with the latest technological advancements in minimally invasive cosmetic dermatology, many will be turning to dermal fillers, laser treatments, and body contouring devices to get beautiful, natural-looking results that exercise and…

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Leave the Turkey Neck for the Dinner Table with Ultherapy!

The month of November most often gets overlooked as a prelude to Christmas, but at Ava MD, we like to celebrate the eleventh month of the year as Neck-Vember!  If you’ve noticed your neck has become a little too reminiscent of the turkey on the dinner table, Ultherapy is just the solution you need! And…

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