Microneedling at Ava MD

  • AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™

    With this treatment, you can smooth fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and pores while targeting hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and dryness. That’s because AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ boosts your skin’s natural hydration and luminosity for a glow that lasts up to 4 weeks.

  • Biological Growth Factor Injections

    Biological growth factor injections has long been known to have regenerative properties and has been used in sports medicine for years to help speed recovery following surgery. Only recently have the cosmetic benefits of biological growth factor treatments come to light.

  • Intracel

    Intracel is a Radio Frequency Microneedling used for facial rejuvenation. With ultra-thin needles, Intracel creates small punctures in your skin to trigger the production of elastin and collagen. With radio frequency pulses focused safety underneath your epidermis, the collagen fibers are targeted to then begin the regeneration process.

  • Micro-needling

    Micro-needling is a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure that is very popular among men and women who want to smooth and refine their complexion without needing to spend a lot of time recovering. It has been proven safe and effective, and many celebrities use it to keep their skin youthful and bright.

  • Micro-needling with Biological Growth Factors

    Biological growth factors have long been used to help speed recovery from injuries. It has regenerative properties that are very useful in helping the skin heal itself, allowing for increased collagen production, which in turn plumps and firms the skin.

  • Morpheus8

    Morpheus8 tightens and smooths the skin to reduce or eliminate imperfections – all without a long recovery period! With this treatment, you can target common problem areas like the face, neck, chest, arms, bra line, abdomen, love handles, buttocks, and thighs.