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Laser Treatments: The Most Diverse Technology in Dermatology

When you think of lasers, chances are you’re imagining a spy movie where the main character has to carefully dodge dangerous beams to get to their prize. Dermatological lasers won’t cut you in half, but they do give patients a solution to common medical and cosmetic skin concerns!

Laser treatments, also known as laser resurfacing, are some of our most frequently scheduled appointments. And the reason behind all the buzz is simple: patients love the way these treatments leave their skin glowing!

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover the history of laser treatments and how they can be used to solve many common skin issues to give you the results you’re looking for.

The Story Behind Laser Treatments

The first laser was conceptualized in the early 1900s by Albert Einstein – but using lasers for dermatology was likely the furthest thing from his mind. And, even though lasers were theoretically around since 1917, it wasn’t until the 1960s that someone was able to build the first functional laser, which was used for mechanical purposes.

So how did lasers get their start in the world of dermatology?

The real story of laser skin resurfacing begins the 1960s, when doctors developed lasers that could be used safely on humans. First, the early versions of a Ruby laser were used to test retinal eye surgery before the designs were improved and the Nd:YAG laser was developed in 1964, finally giving dermatologists a way to treat patients with a minimally invasive method.

Though the early lasers were used for medical procedures, such as removing damaged or cancerous skin, technology advanced enough by the 80s that dermatologists could treat port wine stains and even remove tattoos!

Fine-Tuning Technology to Fine-Tune Your Skin

It’s true that the first lasers used on humans were focused on treating medical conditions rather than aesthetic concerns. However, with time, we’ve been able to fine-tune the laser technology that’s available so that fine lines, sagging, and redness could be easily treated with laser resurfacing.

The different lies in the type of laser we can now use, and the ability to precisely control the strength of the laser and what it’s targeting. Choosing between the wide variety of lasers available, skilled dermatologists like Dr. Ava can treat a wide variety of dermatological and aesthetic concerns.

Everything from vascular concerns, like spider veins, to skin discoloration, tattoo removal, and skin tightening can be treated with lasers to give your skin a lovely boost – all without needing to use anesthetic or put the patient through a long recovery process.

Technology Harnessed for the Good of Your Skin

At our Beverly Hills and Santa Monica offices, Dr. Ava ensures that the best technology is used to treat our patients.

Between our two offices, we have over 20 lasers that can address any aesthetic or medical concerns with your skin – and it’s not just limited to your face. Basically any part of your body can benefit from a laser treatment, with our skin-tightening treatments working wonders on the neck, decolletage, and hands.

Unlike some things we put ourselves through for the sake of beauty, like spray tans at boutiques around town, laser skin resurfacing treatments are a safe method to giving your beauty a boost.

In some cases, we can use the technology of lasers to even reduce your risk of skin cancer by addressing sun damage and treating pre-cancerous lesions before they develop into something concerning.

The Skin Problems Laser Treatments can Target

If you have sagging skin, wrinkles, or discoloration from sun damage or aging, you don’t have to settle for living with a lowered level of confidence. Patients from any age group can enjoy the benefits of laser treatments, which are great for treating skin concerns without surgical methods.

Here are some of the most common skin problems that laser treatments can target:

An Extra Benefit Patients Love: Laser Treatments Have Minimal Downtime!

Oftentimes, cosmetic procedures that are aimed at giving patients a more youthful appearance or to tighten to skin will come with a recovery process during which patients are advised to rest and avoid spending time outside.

In the case of laser treatments, patients can enjoy short appointments (with many treatments taking just 15-45 minutes) and a short recovery time. In fact, many of these treatments only cause mild redness or swelling!

Before your appointment, your Ava MD provider will discuss your concerns with you to find the best treatment and laser for you. During this time, you’ll also be advised about potential risks, discuss how any current medical conditions may impact your results, and what the recovery process is going to be like.

If you want more information about laser treatments and how they can help take your skin to the next gorgeous level, make sure you take a look at Dr. Ava’s Guide to the Top 5 Laser Treatments and contact us to schedule your appointment.