Know your Mole

Knowing if that mole you have on your skin is cancerous is a serious matter that needs to be given immediate attention. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that moles can be abnormal and that they can progress to a cancerous stage when left untreated. We are taking this time to give you critical points you need to remember about moles and indicators that you need to look out for that will let you know whether or not you have a problem on your hands.

Is your mole a perfectly shaped circle with two identical sides when you draw a line in the middle? Cancerous lesions are usually asymmetric and irregularly shaped.

Is your mole all the same color? Normal moles have a uniform color throughout, and cancerous ones are unevenly pigmented.

Look at the borders of your mole. Are they clearly marked and even all over? Cancerous moles have jagged and blurred edges that make them look irregular.

How big is it? Normally, moles or freckles do not grow bigger than a pencil eraser, about ¼ of an inch or 6mm. If yours looks like it is bigger than that, you may want to have it checked.

Have you observed your mole lately? Has it changed in shape, or color, or size? If it has then it is best to have a professional look at it soon.

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