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En Route to Bangkok

Right now, I’m on my way to Thailand to do a series of lectures on everything from beauty to the best injectable techniques for physicians all around the world. I love teaching and lecturing because it keeps me at the top of my game. Plus, meeting my dermatology colleagues and peers is as inspiring as it is informative. I love seeing the different approaches and techniques and there’s always more to learn.

One of my favorite things in the world is to see the world. Travel is in my soul; learning about cultures and traditions makes me feel alive. One of the perks of my job is that lecturing internationally has taken me to six continents so far (and I’m going to the seventh, Antarctica, in December!).

I’ve been to Thailand quite a lot and have always had a superb time. The people are terrific and the food, oh, be still my beating heart! In L.A. where I live, the Thai restaurants are plentiful and the food is great. But in Thailand, it’s truly extraordinary whether it’s a food stall in a market to the fanciest restaurant. ‘Tom Yam Goong’ is one of my favorite dishes, you must try it.

And Thai architecture (there’s practically a temple on every corner) is literally out of this world.

OK here’s a great takeaway skin care tip for those making a getaway. Airplane travel can be really punishing on your skin because it sucks out all the moisture and leaves it seriously dehydrated. And, sad but true, you do get some radiation in the air. What I do is use an antioxidant serum under a heavy moisturizer and re-apply both every two hours on both my face and my hands. And if it’s daytime and the blinds are up, I put at least an SPF30 on top of that.

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Off to Bangkok! See you when I get back.