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Reveal the Beauty Within

Do you want to achieve smoother skin in an instant and a totally non-invasive procedure? You may have to attend an event and need a quick facial treatment without having to undergo the harsh immediate after-effects of chemicals. If that’s the case, dermaplaning might be the perfect facial treatment you should get. Dermaplane in Santa Monica offers this procedure, which is not known by most cosmetic doctors, and promises its patients with a favorable outcome.

How it differs from the rest

The procedure is done by scraping a scalpel delicately on the surface, or the dermis, of the skin using only light feathering strokes. Unlike procedures such as dermabrasion, which poses a great risk for scarring and infection, dermaplaning only has few to no unwanted side effects. It is simply done through shaving the epidermis of dead skin and fine vellus hair, leaving a smooth surface on one’s face.

The problem with facial hair

Dermaplane is perfect for pregnant patients who avoid having to undergo chemical peels to prevent adverse reactions to happen to their child. Those with vellus hair on the face would be perfect candidates for this, too. Having fine hairs on the face would seem to be a minimal problem, but the fact is that this hair is often the cause of dirt and oil buildup in the facial follicles. This could cause acne and other types of skin diseases. Removing the vellus hair would greatly make one’s face healthier, aside from smoother and softer.

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An advantage to other treatments

When the epidermis is scraped during dermaplane, facial products that will be used by the patient will be absorbed more readily into the deeper layers of the skin, making them more effective. This is why dermaplaning could be recommended by some physicians before undergoing facial procedures such as chemical peels or laser treatments.

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