Is My Redness Really Rosacea?

Rosacea is a condition that affects millions of Americans every year. It often appears as redness and inflammation of the skin on the face and is frequently mistaken by patients for sunburn or adult acne. This means that millions more may suffer from this skin disease and not even realize it.

Rosacea is a chronic condition that will likely appear more frequently and more strongly over time if steps are not taken to treat its symptoms early and often. Therefore if you believe that your redness and bumps could be more than sunburn or acne, contact AVA MD to learn if you may have Rosacea.

Only your physician can properly diagnose the presence of Rosacea, however there are many typically signs that would point to the diagnosis of Rosacea and pave the way for proper medical treatment to control your symptoms.

Common symptoms of Rosacea include:

  • Facial redness that spreads from the cheeks and nose to the forehead and even the chin.

  • Severe redness focused on the nose.

  • Redness that is recurring and begins to spread to new areas of your face.

  • A bumpy texture to your skin during outbreaks – but that does not include whiteheads as adult acne would.

  • Visible blood vessels on your face.

  • Burning eyes.

  • Breakouts that occur after exercise, when stressed or following sun exposure or the consumption of spicy foods.

While not life-threatening, Rosacea can definitely be a disturbance in your life, and if left untreated can only grow worse with each breakout. Dr. Ava Shamban is specially trained to treat your Rosacea through a combination of topical products, laser treatments, facials and other means. If you believe that your recurring redness may be Rosacea contact AVA MD to begin your treatment today.