Dr. Ava’s Skincare Do’s and Don’ts For Your Twenties


In your twenties, you probably have the best skin of your adult life. Sure, you might have an occasional breakout to contend with, but overall your skin’s tone, texture and ability to repair itself is at its peak. So I love when my younger patients come to me with questions about what they should (and shouldn’t) be doing to help their skin look great down the road.

Here are a few rules to follow now to help guarantee beautiful skin later.
Do get in the habit of following a good daily skincare routine:

This is the time to establish good habits, and following a skincare regimen that’s appropriate for your skin type is a habit that will serve you well for decades. Look for a gentle cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer and treatment product (one for battling blemishes, another with anti-aging ingredients) that you can use morning and night.

Don’t tan!

Ultra violet rays (whether they come from the sun or a tanning bed) are your skin’s number one enemy. And while you might think a little tan looks great, know that the damage you’re doing in the sun now will show up on your face—in the form of wrinkles, sagging and dark spots—as early as your thirties. If you want a sun-kissed glow, get it from a bottle of self tanner instead.

Do use sunscreen every single day:

Protecting your skin from UV damage is the best thing you can do to prevent premature aging. Use a lotion with at least an SPF 30 every morning, rain or shine, all year round.

Do start using products that help repair damage:

At night, after cleansing your skin, get in the habit of applying a lotion or serum that contains proven anti-aging ingredients. Using a product that contains retinol (or the prescription version, Retin A) will do double duty—it helps clear up acne breakouts and also helps skin build collagen.

Don’t bother with injectables and other procedures (yet!):

While Botox treatments (which help relax muscles so that you can’t make the facial expressions that cause wrinkles) are a great way to prevent lines from forming, you can wait till your thirties to try them out.

Don’t sleep in your makeup:

After a late night, it’s tempting to forgo your evening cleansing routine. But doing so can lead to clogged pores—which can mean more breakouts and skin that starts to look dull (thanks to the buildup of dead skin and product in your pores).