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Top 5 Reasons Dr. Ava Recommends Laser Treatments

If you could pick a procedure with no, or little, downtime vs one that would require you to stay home for a few days – which would you go for?

Of course you’d pick the one with the least amount of down-time! Even though we’d all likely enjoy a few days off from work, many of us don’t often have this luxury.

That’s why at Ava MD we provide the best possible care using innovative treatment methods, including the use of lasers, that require you to spend less time and get far greater results.

Why Dr. Ava Recommends Laser Treatments for Many Patients

Dr. Ava Shamban recommends laser treatments to solve a wide variety of conditions and concerns for a combination of reasons, which will be discussed in today’s informative blog.

  1. Laser Treatments Have Minimal Downtime

One of the biggest pros that patients at our offices enjoy from the laser skin treatments is the minimal downtime that they’ll experience.

Whenever a patient undergoes a more invasive procedure, such as a chemical peel, they’ll have to spend a few days indoors to allow their skin to heal. For months afterward, they’ll need to avoid direct sunlight to prevent scarring or other complications from developing.

With laser treatments, patients will still need to monitor their skin and avoid unprotected sunlight exposure, but they will not experience the same level of downtime.

For many laser treatments, patients can expect minimal peeling, slight swelling and redness following their procedure. Within a few days, these side effects will resolve and patients can immediately enjoy their rejuvenated appearance!

  1. There’s a Wide Variety of Conditions That Can be Treated

Dermatological lasers are some of the most advanced technology available in medicine. One of their best attributes is the wide variety of conditions and concerns laser treatments can address.

Everything from acne, redness, sagging, sun spots, and scarring can be improved or reversed with a few short treatments. In fact, there are dozens of conditions and concerns that can be treated with laser treatments.

For more information on how lasers are able to address these concerns, and which laser may be best for you, please contact our office to schedule a consult.

  1. Dermatological Lasers Have Precision Control

At Dr. Ava’s offices, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to treating patients. Everyone is different, making it all the more important to use technology that can satisfy a diverse range of needs.

Thankfully, dermatological lasers were designed to have a range of settings that can be controlled by your Ava MD skincare expert. Everything from strength to the type of waves the laser uses can be switched using built-in settings or by using a different hand piece.

The Dynamis Pro laser, for example, has over 20 handpieces and accessories that change the functionality of the laser.

With many of our lasers, your Ava MD skincare expert can address an array of concerns all with the same laser just by adjusting the settings.

  1. There are a Large Selection of Lasers

Over the years, a huge selection of lasers have been developed to help patients achieve the results they’re looking for.

Each laser has been designed to address a range of concerns, and there may be some overlap between what each laser can treat.

Your Ava MD skincare expert will work one-on-one with you to learn about your concerns and the outcomes you can expect after selecting the best laser treatment for you.

  1. Patients Enjoy Short Sessions, Long-lasting Results

Coming in for a laser treatment will not require you to take extended time off of work or to cut much time out of your day. The majority of our laser treatments happen in short sessions of about 15-30 minutes.

The results from each session can begin to become visible right away, giving you the extra benefit of immediate improvement in your skin’s appearance without spending too much time in our office.

Laser treatments can span anywhere from 5-15 short sessions, but the results they offer last from months to years to come.

The combination of minimal downtime, short sessions, and long-lasting results all make laser treatments optimal for many patients. If you’d like more information on laser treatments, or if you want to schedule a consult with our office, please contact us.

If you want to get more insider information about the best laser treatments out there, download Dr. Ava’s Guide to the Top 5 Laser Treatments by clicking here.