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Sun Damage

Everyone goes out in the sun, but many people do not take adequate steps to protect their skin from UV rays. While sunscreen is common on the beach or at the pool, a lot of people don’t bother to wear it every day. However, sun damage can accumulate even during cloudy days and on days where your only sun exposure is during the commute to work. Sun damage is the main cause of premature aging, leading to wrinkles and sun spots.

Sun spots are the dark, pigmented areas that appear after years of sun exposure. The UV rays from the sun penetrate the skin, causing it to produce more melanin in an attempt to protect itself. Melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation, and excess melanin can cause dark spots. These spots only appear gradually over the years as a result of not protecting the skin carefully enough, and are a tell-tale sign of age. Sun spots are generally harmless, if unsightly, but it is important to have any unusual spots checked out by a board-certified dermatologist in order to make sure they are not cancerous. Skin cancer is easily preventable through use of sunscreen and other skin protection, but it is the most common type of cancer among Americans. Dr. Ava performs skin cancer screenings, and is equipped to treat most kinds of skin cancer.

Treatments for Sun Spots

There are many treatments available that can help to reduce the appearance of sun spots, and Dr. Ava works with each of her patients to develop a long-term skin care regimen that will help to ensure that the spots don’t come back. Reducing sun spots and evening skin tone can take years off a person’s appearance!

Dr. Ava Shamban and Dr. Soheil Simzar use the latest techniques and treatments to help her patients reduce and eliminate sun spots. She offers a range of laser therapies and chemical peels, and customizes each patient’s treatment plan along with creating a follow-up long-term protection plan to keep the patient’s skin looking smooth and beautiful.

Some of the laser treatments Ava MD offers to treat sun damage are:

Chemical peels which can address skin pigmentation are:

  • SkinMedica Vitalize Peel
  • Cosmelan Peel
  • SkinMedica Rejuvenize Peel
  • The Perfect Derma Peel

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