What is Right for Your Acne?

Acne affects millions around the world, but countless people struggle to eliminate these appearance-impacting conditions. Treating acne takes time and it is not a condition that can be fixed right away. Most acne occurs in the face, neck, back and shoulders. Dr. Ava Shamban and her associates believe in using multiple treatments and multiple sessions to get the look you want. Ava MD is the only place you need to treat acne and acne scarring.

Acne Causes

before-after-acne-photoThere are several causes to acne to breakout. Oil glands in the skin can produce too much oil that combines with skin cells and plugs pores. The plugged pores combined with bacterium P. acnes multiples and cause those red acne bumps on the face. Starchy foods with a high glycemic index such as pasta, rice, and bread can also make acne worse. Genetics, hormones, menstruation, and stress can also possibly bring on acne or make it worse.

Acne Care

There are treatments a person can do to treat mild acne. Washing your face gently twice a day with a non-drying soap will help remove oil and bacteria. Be sure to not scrub too hard as this can irritate the skin and the acne. Avoid touching, scratching or popping the acne to avoid scars. It is also important to use sunscreen if you have acne. It is best to use a sunscreen with zinc oxide because it won’t clog the pores of your skin. If your acne becomes more severe, it is best to visit a board certified dermatologist such as Dr. Ava.

Acne Treatment

Topical treatment is one of the most common forms of treating acne. These include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids, and antibiotics. These help in the short term, but Dr. Ava’s approach is to help her patients achieve permanent results. Dr. Ava Shamban and her associates like to use a combination of treatments over multiple sessions to achieve clear skin. The use of lasers such as VBeam combined with facials will help reduce blemishes over the course of several treatments.  To treat acne scars, Dr. Ava’s practice uses a laser called eMatrix to stimulate collagen, so the skin will become tighter and smoother over time and acne scars will be less noticeable. This laser works for all skin types, and the procedure is relatively painless.

Severe acne can be embarrassing for many people and it can affect their self-esteem and cause depression and anxiety. It is best to treat acne early on to avoid the emotional consequences of having severe acne. Dr. Ava Shamban and her associates believe that everyone deserves to feel confident about their skin and her unique approach can help anyone achieve the skin they have always wanted.

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Ava MD is a board-certified dermatologist group, which means that we are the correct place to go for acne treatment. In addition, Dr. Ava provides facials, chemical peels, and photodynamic therapy to get your skin looking its best. If you are interested in getting treatment your acne, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Ava Shamban and her associates at (310) 439-5417 to work on enhancing the beauty of your skin.