Signature Feature

Signature Feature

Dr. Ava Shamban

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Who do you see? Are you aware of the most significant part of your face or body? Or of your own natural beauty?

Don’t Fix What’s Not Broke

It is a truly awful feeling to not feel comfortable in your own skin. But in my opinion, this ‘fix it’ thought process is all wrong. The way to feel positive about how we look is to focus on what’s great about ourselves, not to concentrate on what isn’t working, or—even worse—to try to look like someone we are not.

That’s why I developed the concept of ‘Signature Feature’—it’s a paradigm shift, a more positive approach to personalized aesthetics.

Because the key to true beauty, is looking like yourself.

Beauty is About You

We all have a Signature Feature. It’s our most beautiful aspect, tied to our personality—and it should always be highlighted in everything we do: from the way we apply our makeup, to how we dress, to the hairstyles we choose.

Signature Feature is the focal point of each individual’s look. Everyone has some part of their face that is striking and original. Whether it’s expressive eyes, or dramatic cheekbones, or a fabulous prima ballerina neck. At my practice, we help you determine what your Signature Feature is, and then highlight it—it’s how we help our patients put their ‘best face forward.’

I have specific tools I turn to that help me determine your Signature Feature. These include the ‘Blink’ factor—sometimes one feature pops out at first glance; universal aesthetics of beauty; and cultural aesthetics, as it’s important to make sure the face is at home in its world.

Tied to Your Persona

Next, we have to consider your character and personality. What’s your style? What’s your individual story?

I can’t stress enough the importance of persona in the Signature Feature equation. ‘Beauty comes from the inside’ is not an empty phrase. Take for example, funny girl Barbara Streisand. Her Signature Feature, without a doubt, is her nose. Her confident personality, stellar talent, celebration of ethnicity and individuality go hand and hand with this unconventional calling card. To ‘fix’ this feature would have violated a huge part of her identity, and who knows? Maybe her success. Did the bold and bigger-than-life feature build one of the world’s most successful actresses and singers? Did her personality develop to grow into her ‘signature?’ Or did she own it after the fact? Because appearance and self-esteem are so closely intertwined, it’s hard to really know.

Turn up the Volume

So once I have a conception of a person’s Signature Feature, I turn up its ‘volume’ and reduce the background noise to give the Signature Feature center stage. This step poses a challenge, since part of beauty lies in slight imperfection. But with experience, a balance can be struck. This is the step where smoothing acne scars, filling in a distracting deep wrinkle, or erasing a brown spot is crucial in order to highlight the essential and outstanding Signature Feature.

I’ve noticed that many times, people can’t see their own assets. Even if it’s as plain as the nose on their face. And it’s so important! Feeling beautiful is directly tied to how we feel about ourselves and about our own value. It makes us stronger and more able to withstand the upsets of everyday life, the turmoil and stress that we all experience. We know from many studies that there is a crystal clear relationship between your appearance and your self-esteem. By helping as many people as possible identify and proudly own their Signature Feature, I hope not only to help them realize their beauty—but enable them go forth into life with new-found self-confidence; I want everyone to be able say to themselves, Hey, good-looking! How was your day?