Among our other renowned services like medical dermatology, laser therapy, and body contouring, we also offer facials to continue cultivating healthier skin. Facials are a great way to revitalize your skin and enjoy some self-care from the dermatology experts

Our Signature Feature approach celebrates your unique beauty and enhance the joy of being in your own skin with Ava MD’s treatments. A fundamental pillar of skincare wellness is the Facial. Our extensive list of top services extends far beyond the humble clay-and-cucumber facials of yesteryear. Take a peek and discover the newest ways to revitalize the face, tone underlying tissues, promote relaxation, and getting your inner glow to step out!

Find Your Perfect Facial

At Ava MD, we provide a suite of treatments to suit your every need. Knowing each procedure inside and out, we pride ourselves on caring for our patients with unwavering attention and dedication. Take a look at what we have for you!

    • 30 min basic facials: Give yourself a delight to look forward to with a mid-week facial spa treatment
    • 1 hour basic facials: Take a long lunch and let us rejuvenate your complexion
    • Acne Facials (Face, Back and Tushy): Our skilled estheticians will remove whiteheads and blackheads, leaving you clean and clear
    • Collagen Boosting Anti-Aging facials: Enjoy a facial that encourages your skin to make more collagen, leaving you with a healthier and more youthful complexion
    • Microdermabrasion: A dulled complexion is left shining with this gentle, exfoliating treatment
    • Diamond Peel: Experience an exceptionally gentle exfoliation treatment to fade pigmentation and clear up dead skin cells that collect on your face
    • The Perfect Derma Peel: Clear, beaming skin after one treatment–need we say more?
    • Green Peel: An all-natural peel free of abrasive particles to leave your skin sparkling
    • Cosmelan Peel: Knock out pigmentation patches and sun damage with this powerful treatment
    • Hydrafacial: A facial for everyone! Allow us to pamper you as impurities are cleansed away and your skin is nourished with a hydrating serum cocktail
    • Oxygen Facials: A jetstream of concentrated oxygen infused with nourishing ingredients sweeps over your skin to leave it dewy and plump
    • Stem Cell Facials: This facial is all you–literally! The stem cell facial uses your very own stem cells or fatty tissues to renew the surface and complexion of your skin
    • DNA Facials: The designer facial! Enjoy a facial that involves a unique consultation to provide you a customized treatment using all the right ingredients

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Our personalized approach ensures that each client’s individual needs are met to give you an exceptional experience. With so many facials to enjoy, how will you know where to start? Call us today to book yourself a treat!