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Is There a Right Time to Begin Getting Laser Treatments?

Some say it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin and preventing the signs of aging – and we totally agree!

Adopting a skincare routine that’s meant to nourish and rejuvenate your skin is becoming more popular lately. That means more of our patients are asking about how laser treatments can help them.

As one of the most diverse and effective treatments in cosmetic and medical dermatology, laser treatments can address many of your skin issues regardless of your age. Beauty and maintaining your glow can be as effortless as getting a quick 20 minute laser treatment in our office!

Do You Have to Be a Certain Age to Get a Laser Treatment?

One of the most common questions that we get about laser treatments is “what’s the right time to start getting laser treatments?”

The truth is that there isn’t a magical age that you hit where getting laser treatments is suddenly necessary. People of any age can benefit from the effects of laser treatments, which can target fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, redness, and dark spots all without a long recovery.

A patient must at least be 14 years old to get a laser treatment, which is often aimed at acne, acne scarring, or redness at that young age. Otherwise, women in their 20s book skin-tightening laser treatments as often as women in their 60s.

The Right Age to Start Getting Laser Treatments

If you have a concern about the way your skin is looking, such as the noticing wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, redness, or acne scarring, you can benefit from a laser treatment immediately.

Every skincare specialist at Ava MD understands that living with cosmetic concerns can weigh heavily on your confidence and day-to-day life. With laser treatments, our patients can target their concerns with short treatments and little to no recovery time afterwards.

Many women and men choose to do age prevention laser treatments, which target fine lines, when they’re in their 20s-30s to prevent deeper lines from forming. Many patients who are in their late teens come in for acne-targeting laser treatments that can cut down on breakouts and scarring. Similarly, older men and women will often come in for laser treatments aimed at boosting collagen production, smoothing out skin, and evening out dark spots on their skin.

Your skincare specialist will work with you to find the laser treatment best suited to your needs! With over 20 laser treatments being offered at our Beverly Hills and Santa Monica offices, there’s a treatment perfect for you.

What Laser Treatments Can Help With

Laser treatments are some of the most advanced technology in modern dermatology. This is why there’s a laser treatment built to target almost every common skin concern. Whether you’re looking to overcome medical dermatology concerns, like acne, or cosmetic issues, like sagging skin, our Ava MD skincare experts can set you up with a treatment right for you.

Some of the main skin concerns that laser treatments can help with are:

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