Skin Tightening

As we age, our skin starts losing volume due a decrease in the amount of collagen produced. This loss of volume, combined with the effects of gravity, sun damage, and age, can lead to sagging, drooping, lax skin.

This lax skin can lead to “turkey neck,” prominent jowls, and less defined contour of the face and neck. Many women don’t like the look of their sagging skin, feeling like it makes them look older and obscures their best features and natural beauty.

The dermatology team at Ava MD understands their patients’ concerns, and offers an array of non-invasive skin tightening procedures that can help women with lax skin regain their youthful looks. Learn more by calling 310-843-9915 (Beverly Hills) or 310-828-2282 (Santa Monica).

What Causes Skin Laxity?

Loose skin occurs as a result of a number of factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Main extrinsic factors contributing to skin laxity include diet, stress, lifestyle, and sun exposure. Sun damage is a main cause of not only lax skin but also premature wrinkling and age spots, so it is important to protect the skin at all times with a good skincare and sunscreen regimen. Intrinsic factors include genetics and natural aging. Extreme weight loss can also cause significant loose skin, not only on the face but on the rest of the body as well.

Skin laxity is most noticeable on the face, where it can contribute to the appearance of lines and wrinkles as well as create eye bags and cheek hollows that can cast unflattering shadows. Other areas that skin laxity occurs are the abdomen and thighs, where it can exacerbate the appearance of cellulite.

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Devices

Modern society is lucky to have access to many kinds of non-invasive devices for tightening skin. In the past, surgery was the only option to tighten and lift skin in order to bring back a youthful appearance. Today, however, people have the choice of undergoing non-invasive procedures which take only a short time to complete and require little to no downtime. This lack of downtime tends to be attractive to many busy men and women who can’t spare the weeks or months required to recover from a surgical procedure.

At the Ava MD offices in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, dermatologists offer a range of non-invasive skin tightening options for every skin tone and type. During your consultation, a custom treatment plan will be formulated in order to ensure optimal results for your personal goals.

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Some of the skin-tightening devices offered are:

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