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Benefits of a Liquid Facelift

Nowadays, people are living longer and more active lifestyles than ever before, but unfortunately, our faces don’t always reflect the youth and vitality we feel on the inside. Reduced collagen production combined with environmental damage from air pollutants, smoking, or UV rays, among others, contribute to forming wrinkles and age spots as well as dulling the complexion. This is where the dermatologists at Ava MD come in. With a combination of non-invasive tools and technologies at their disposal, they can perform a “liquid facelift” that will eliminate all that background noise from your face in order to highlight your true beauty.

What is a Liquid Facelift?

Liquid Facelift Beverly HillsA liquid facelift is a colloquial term that refers to when a patient is treated with multiple types of non-invasive products and devices in order to achieve comprehensive results. For example, Botox can be used to effectively smooth dynamic wrinkles, while Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Lyft can be used to add volume and contour to the midface and cheekbones. Combining these treatments allows for patients to treat multiple areas at once for comprehensive rejuvenation.

While liquid facelifts don’t provide the same kind of dramatic results that a surgical facelift does, they do have many benefits. A surgical facelift takes a long time and requires days or weeks of recovery time afterward, while a liquid facelift can take less than an hour and generally requires no downtime at all. Plus, in today’s society, many people prefer subtler results than what a surgical facelift provides.

Liquid Facelift Combinations

The term liquid facelift first came from the fact that it was most often done with liquid or gel injectables, such as neuromodulators and dermal fillers. However, liquid facelifts can also include skin tightening devices, such as Ultherapy. Sagging skin is a concern for many men and women, and skin tightening devices can firm, tighten, and lift skin non-surgically. This contributes to contouring the jaw, which in turn allows for a more youthful look. This type of device can also take care of “turkey neck.” If a double chin is part of the problem, the brand-new injectable treatment Kybella can be used to reduce that excess fat under the chin!

Ava MD’s beauty philosophy is the “signature feature,” which bases treatments around highlighting the patient’s best feature. Dr. Ava believes that each person has one feature that stands out and contributes to that person’s unique beauty, and rather than trying to make patients look generically “pretty” or “handsome,” she instead focuses on bringing out the patient’s true individual beauty.