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6 Signs of Aging Fought by Voluma

santa-monica-voluma-wrinkle-treatmentIf you’re like many people, you spend a fair amount of time thinking about how to keep the smooth contours, high cheekbones, and defined jawline that characterized your face in your younger years. For many Americans, these are the contours that epitomize attractiveness in both women and men.

As you age, though, you lose these features that exemplify the so-called ‘triangle of beauty.’ The facial fat giving your face volume and lift depletes, and gravity loosens our formerly taut skin. Your skin sags and loses suppleness. The person in the mirror looks older than you feel.

At Ava MD in Los Angeles, we feel your pain. Led by internationally renowned Dr. Ava Shamban, we know how the effects of aging can affect you not just aesthetically but also mentally. That’s why we proudly offer a variety of age-fighting facial filler treatment therapies, including Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Voluma XC, that have you leaving our offices looking as young as you feel!

What Juvederm Voluma Brings to the Table

You want balance and volume. Not only in your facial symmetry but also in the effects that your volume treatment will bring you. Inferior quality or insufficient treatment gives your face a sunken, withered look. Too much treatment and your appearance looks bloated and unnatural.

Juvederm Voluma is designed for facial balance renewal and volume restoration that returns your face to its natural texture, suppleness, and youthfulness. If you’ve lost contour to or volume in your face, injections of Voluma facial filler can restore it with no downtime and very little interruption to your busy schedule.

The XC line has lidocaine to make the injections as comfortable and painless as possible. Results can last anywhere from six to 24 months, depending on a variety of factors. Best of all, your restored looks are immediate, natural, and head-turning!

Read on to learn more about six signs of aging that Juvederm Voluma is designed to fight.

SIGN 1: Pronounced Lines Around Your Nose and Mouth

Smile lines. Parentheses lines. Nasolabial folds. Static lines even when your face is at rest.

These all are common, unwanted, sometimes unsightly signs of aging that come about when your skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid as you age. These are major building blocks that underlie the foundation of your skin. Without them, your skin loses elasticity and volume, resulting in looks you don’t want.

Injecting Juvederm Voluma directly into your nasolabial region is not recommended, although very skilled dermatologists do use it in this way. Instead, when the HA filler is injected into your mid-to-upper cheek area, it indirectly induces volume restoration to sagging skin around your nose and mouth, causing it to be pulled up and giving you a firmer, more youthful look.

SIGN 2: Undefined Cheekbones

Malar fat is a patch of spongy tissue just below your skin surface that helps give your face its volume and fullness. As the skin in your face loses volume, this malar fat sags and leaves you with a droopy look that makes you look fatigued and old. It also causes your cheekbones to lose much of their former sharp definition.

Juvederm Voluma injected into your midface area helps corrects the downward migration of your malar fat, giving your face a lift by giving you the cheek enhancements that everyone loves.

SIGN 3: A Recessed Chin Due to Sagging Skin

As you age, your chin can lose its prominence due to underneath skin that begins to sag. The result is a beautiful, strong chin that no one can see amidst the excess loose skin. This can make you look older or overweight even though you’re still young and otherwise in good shape.

If your chin looks smaller than it is, chin augmentation through Juvederm Voluma is a great choice. Because it is a heavier filler that offers lift wherever it is injected, Voluma facial filler is an ideal form of chin lifting. It gives you volume restoration, a softly defined contour, and longer-lasting results than other fillers.

SIGN 4: Flattened, Hollow Cheeks

Because your skin loses the ability to hydrate well or stay firm, aging leaves your cheeks looking flat as your skin begins to sag. The result is a hollow-cheeked look that adds years to your appearance as well as makes you look haggard or even sickly.

Juvederm facial filler is ideal for this part of your face. The volume treatment injections at our Los Angeles office add such cheek enhancements as lift and contour to your cheek. You look refreshed, healthy, and youthful – instantly!

SIGN 5: An Undefined Jawline

Aging can bring you an asymmetrical, droopy look that causes you to lose definition in your jawline, adding years to your appearance.

With the highly viscous Juvederm Voluma, you get smooth consistency in your facial filler treatment that adds balance to your face. Your jawline is restored to its previous shape, giving you back your youthful, head-turning appearance.

SIGN 6: Lax Skin Around the Cheekbones

Throughout your life, you probably associated sagging skin around the cheekbones with exhaustion, stress, or overwork. However, it is possible that your law skin developed due to volume loss in your skin due to aging. Or maybe it was a combination of it all.

Injected conservatively and precisely, Voluma facial filler is ideal for perking up this lax skin, adding volume restoration, and diminishing the Tyndall Effect, the darkening that accompanies loose cheekbone skin. Reducing these bags has an amazing effect on your appearance. People won’t stop commenting and you’ll walk around on top of the world! Read more about Juvederm Voluma at Juvederm.com.

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