Do You Know How to Properly Wear Gloves?

Over the past few weeks, I’m willing to bet that a lot of people became very aware of how sanitary their hands and other surfaces are. As we are doing more than ever to protect ourselves, Dr. Shamban wanted to share more information about how to properly wear gloves.

While putting on a glove seems straightforward, putting on a glove to avoid cross-contamination is an entirely different situation. Keeping your hands as sterile as possible is the goal, and that means you should know how to properly remove your gloves, how to avoid contamination, and how to keep yourself safe.

Many people are lulled into a false sense of security when they wear gloves. In this video, Dr. Shamban also details what you should not do in public spaces to avoid spreading germs and viruses to others and yourself.

8 Tips on How to Safely Wear Gloves

  1. Do not blow into gloves to help put them on
  2. Don’t touch your mask with your gloves
  3. If you have long sleeves, wear the glove over your sleeves
  4. Wear appropriately sized gloves
  5. Be aware of what you are touching
  6. Change your gloves often
  7. If the glove has a hole in it, replace it
  8. Do not reuse or try to wash your gloves