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Thread Lift

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and used your index fingers to pull up your cheeks or jaw ever so slightly and wondered “Why can’t it be as easy as this?” then a Silhouette InstaLift may be the procedure for you. Depending on your choice and needs, these minimally invasive, non-surgical facelifts can lift and contour the cheeks, create a neck and jawline lift, and lift the eyelids and brows, giving you a rejuvenated look without having to undergo extensive cosmetic surgery or general anesthesia. In most cases, the procedures only take about 30 minutes. Depending on your needs, Silhouette InstaLift can also be used in conjunction with other anti-aging procedures, such as skin resurfacing, Botox and dermal fillers.

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Treat Multiple Areas at Once with Silhouette InstaLift Treatment

Silhouette can be used to create jaw and neckline lifts, cheek and mid-face lifts, and brow and eyelid lifts. However, the exact treatment will vary by patient need and anatomy — which is why the initial consultation for Silhouette InstaLift is so important.

As Simple as Sewing

When you are ready for your Silhouette InstaLift to contour your cheeks and/or create an eyebrow or eye lift, we will mark the areas where the threads will be inserted, and numb them to minimize discomfort. The thread will then be inserted with a very fine needle underneath the skin and carefully placed. This is repeated running in the opposite direction with the other half of the thread. Once the sutures and cones are in place, the needle is removed and we gently palpate the skin to help shape it. The bidirectionality of the cones creates a pulling effect that lifts the skin. The thread is then secured with permanent monofilament sutures to the fascia, which will anchor it in place. Silhouette InstaLift is repeated in all areas where a lift is desired.

More Than a Quick Lift – It’s a Treatment

Once the Silhouette treatment is in place, your body begins to produce more collagen – the skin-supporting protein matrix that diminishes during the aging process – resulting in a plumper, firmer skin that will remain youthful and voluminous even after the sutures and cones have reabsorbed.

A Long Safety Profile

All components of the Silhouette InstaLift are made from Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which has been used for many years in the medical field to make such things as suture thread and orthopedic pins, screws, and nails for bone fractures. Since its launch in 2013, more than 130,000 Silhouette InstaLifts have been performed. Silhouette is made in the United States.

Restoring a Youthful “V” With a Needle

When we are young, our faces have a “V-shape,” with high, lifted foreheads and eyes, tapering to a sleek jaw and neckline. As we age, gravity pulls a predominance of tissue downward and the “V” becomes inverted. A thread lift can either create a scaffolding to support the tissues and keep them in the “V-shape” or delicately lift them to recreate that youthful “V.”

Various Threads for Different Needs

Depending on the type of pull or scaffolding you need for your facelift without surgery, we can select from both unidirectional and bidirectional barbed sutures. These will hold the skin in place and will also stimulate collagen to rejuvenate skin for up to 12 to 15 months after the Silhouette InstaLift procedure.

No Incisions – Just an Injection

The threads are needles that are pre-loaded with a barbed thread made from polydioxanone (PDO). Polydioxanone has been used in biomedicine for many years, particularly in cardiothoracic surgery. It is fully absorbed within 4 to 6 months and does not create any scar tissue. After your skin has been prepared through numbing and marking insertion points, the whole needle is inserted fully into the skin, then pulled out. The PDO thread is left in place, creating an instantaneous, gentle, but quite dramatic lift.

PDO threads are synthetic absorbable surgical sutures that are often used to perform cardiothoracic surgery, such as open-heart surgical procedures. Through it’s many uses, it’s been proven to be one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body. Following the procedure, your skin will fully absorbs the sutures within 4 to 6 months and won’t leave any scar tissue behind.

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Little Downtime

In addition to being swift procedures that can be accomplished in an afternoon, Silhouette InstaLifts have very little to no downtime. There may be slight bruising, redness, soreness, swelling or discomfort. These should resolve within hours to days and can be controlled with ice packs, sleeping with your head elevated, and over-the-counter painkillers. You should also refrain from excessive head and neck movements, tanning, high-impact sports, saunas, dental surgery, and facials for two to four weeks following Silhouette InstaLift treatment.

Training, Expertise, and Experience are Required

Though Silhouette InstaLifts are simple and fast natural facelifts with minimal risk and downtime, they must be performed by experts who have been trained in their execution, have a highly developed sense of aesthetics, and have extensive experience with cosmetic surgery. Please call Ava MD in Los Angeles at 310-843-9915 (Beverly Hills) or 310-828-2282 (Santa Monica) to schedule a consultation for your Silhouette InstaLift today. You can also use our online form to contact us.

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