Throughout a woman’s life, childbirth, weight changes, medical conditions, and age can cause the vaginal muscles and surrounding tissue to become loose or weak, resulting in daily discomfort, reduced sexual satisfaction, incontinence, and even dryness. Despite how many women are affected by these complaints, the issue is rarely addressed, let alone corrected. Thanks to ThermiVa, women in Los Angeles have a revolutionary solution to vaginal discomfort, bladder dysfunction, and loss of elasticity.

Dr. Ava Shamban and Dr. Soheil Simzar have years of experience delivering the latest, cutting-edge treatments for women’s skin and health concerns. To learn more about ThermiVa and whether it is right for you, please call our Beverly Hills office at 310-843-9915. You may also contact us online!

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a simple device that delivers thermistor-regulated radiofrequency energy waves to gently heat skin and muscle tissue, causing it to become more toned and tight. The ThermiVa hand piece is shaped like an “S” with smooth contours to ensure a comfortable experience as the dermatologist uses the device to treat both the internal and external anatomy of the vagina.

The procedure is non-surgical and performed in-office during a quick 30 minute session. Patients typically only need to undergo three ThermiVa sessions, spaced out once a month. Patients in Los Angeles may see results after just one session, often followed by improvements within three to four months after the final treatment. ThermiVa provides results that may last between nine months and a year, as the treated skin naturally produces more collagen and elastin, providing a more firm and supple quality to the area. Patients can return for touch ups or retreatment to help maintain the initial results.

ThermiVa Benefits

ThermiVa can offer numerous benefits for women who have suffered from stretched or weakened vaginal skin and muscle, particularly after having children, which can also cause bladder issues. With ThermiVa, not only can women regain firm, supple skin and muscle, but they may also experience improved nerve function and an increase in the amount of blood vessels in the vaginal canal and labia.

The benefits of ThermiVa also include:

  • No need for downtime
  • No anesthesia is necessary for the procedures
  • Women can resume sexual activity the same day
  • Noticeable results within first and second session
  • Improved urinary control
  • Reduced sagging skin
  • Improved vaginal moisture

ThermiVa can allow women who are struggling with cosmetic concerns to get the results they want and may even treat women’s medical needs. ThermiVa can be used to improve pelvic floor strength, allowing women to potentially regain urinary control and avoid having to undergo surgery for bladder weakness or prolapse.

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