What is QxMax?

The QxMax is a Q-Switched laser that is capable of removing dark skin spots and a large variety of tattoo pigment colors, making this an incredible and versatile tool. This is a single-pulse laser that covers larger areas of color while also affecting the deeper layers of color in your skin.

Perfect for brown spots and tattoos, the QxMax laser can dramatically reduce the appearance of skin discoloration and accomplish a natural, even, and bright complexion.

The Results You Can Expect

To achieve optimal results, four to eight sessions of QxMax  Though you may initially notice slight redness, some swelling, or areas of lighter or darker skin in the areas treated, these side effects clear to reveal clearer and brighter skin.

Using the QxMax can not only reduce the look of dark spots and tattoos. but you may also notice a tightening of your skin as well, lending to a more youthful appearance.

Schedule A Consultation

QxMax sessions are currently available in our Santa Monica office.

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