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Dynamis Pro

At Ava MD, we strive to offer the latest and most innovative treatments available on the dermatology market. With the advancement of science and technology, lasers have become state of the art modalities for the treatment of a multitude of concerns across the skin care spectrum, from acne to anti-aging. As a premier center for laser skin services, here at AVAMD we are excited to offer the Dynamis Pro, one of the most popular and diverse systems available today.

What is the Dynamis Pro?

The Dynamis Pro is an Er:YAG laser with a multitude of treatment capabilities. Patients of various age groups and skin types are taking advantage of this incredible system, which touts the power necessary to provide the desired results, while simultaneously maintaining a gentle approach for the most delicate of skin. Highly requested services delivered with the Dynamis Pro include acne reduction, deep skin resurfacing, improving or eliminating hyperpigmentation, laser hair removal and much more.

How Does the Dynamis Pro Work?

The Dynamis Pro system is equipped with several accessory handpieces and an intricate complementary wavelength structure. The combination of these elements result in a unique design with the flexibility to deliver multiple aesthetic services through the advanced technology of one dynamic system.

What Does the Dynamis Pro Treat?

With multiple treatment indications, the Dynamis Pro laser is one of our most diverse lasers. For that reason, Dynamis Pro sessions are in high demand for the treatment of the following conditions:

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The Results You Can Expect

The advanced science and technology of the Dynamis Pro system is poised to deliver the precise, targeted results your skin has been waiting for. Patients enjoy smoother skin, reduced wrinkles, a more even skin tone and other sought after results. Though all laser treatments have an associated recovery period, after a session of the Dynamis Pro patients may experience mild swelling, redness and slight peeling, with some variations depending on the application used.

The Dynamis Pro has become one of the most highly requested treatments our practice has to offer. Patients are ecstatic about its versatility, and have been astonished by the overall effectiveness of the Dynamis Pro.

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Dynamis Pro sessions are currently available exclusively in our Santa Monica office.

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