Dynamis Pro

Patients of all ages come to Dr. Shamban’s office to get the best care from the Ava MD skincare experts. One of the most popular lasers in our office is the Dynamis Pro, which is perfectly designed to treat many cosmetic and medical dermatology concerns.

What is the Dynamis Pro?

The Dynamis Pro is a Er:YAG laser that is perfect for performing multiple procedures chosen for your individual needs. The Dynamis Pro is able to perform deep peels, resurfacing, and improving the look of hyperpigmented areas of skin.  As our most versatile laser, patients from all age groups benefit from quick Dynamis Pro sessions.

With 20 pre-set functions to use while treating your skin, the Dynamis Pro offers superior treatment options. In fact, patients are able to have laser hair removal and vein reduction both from Dynamis Pro.

Each unique handpiece allows your Ava MD skincare expert to use the Dynamis Pro to specifically target your concerns with a specifically designed tool. The SP Dynamis Pro, by Fontana, uses two complementary wavelengths to perform a wide variety of aesthetic treatments.

What Does the Dynamis Pro Treat?

With dozens of handheld attachments for the Dynamis Pro laser, it’s one of our most diverse lasers. For that reason, Dynamis Pro sessions are effective for treating the following conditions and more.

For more information, please contact Ava MD and schedule a consultation so our skincare experts can help you find the perfect treatment for your needs.

The Results You Can Expect

Most of our patients love how versatile the Dynamis Pro laser treatments are – and how effective they can be. Though all laser treatments have an associated recovery period, patients may experience minimal swelling, redness, and slight peeling after their session.

Patients enjoy tightened skin, reduced wrinkles, a more even skin tone, and even fewer visible veins and hairs. The Dynamis Pro also offers exceptional results in removing areas of dark pigmentation and restoring your skin to an even glow.

Schedule A Consultation

Dynamis Pro sessions are currently available in our Santa Monica office.

For additional information on Dynamis Pro and to discuss whether these treatment options are the best for you, please contact Ava MD today! Our skilled dermatologists can help you reach your cosmetic goals in a healthy, safe, and efficient manner. Contact us online or call 310-828-2282 (Santa Monica).