eminence advanced acne system

Advanced Acne Treatment System


  • Uses natural and botanical ingredients to treat and prevent acne
  • Organic acne treatment system
  • Removes surface build-up, impurities and blockages
Encapsulated Salicylic Acid: beta-hydroxy-acid; delivers time-release protection against acne breakouts by encouraging exfoliation and unclogging pores Natural Herb Blend: blend of natural herbs to protect and calm skin’s appearance Caffeine (from Green Tea): helps revitalize skin’s appearance Panthenol (Provitamin B5): helps maintain moisture balance and protect the skin Clay (Montmorillonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Red Kaolinite): three clays combine to absorb impurities, gently exfoliate and absorb excess oil Sulfur: natural exfoliating benefits to reduce the appearance of acne Basil Oil: natural cleansing properties to help purify and soothe skin’s appearance Lotus Extract: a combination of blue and sacred lotus extracts diminishes skin shine and reduces the look of blemishes and imperfections Zinc Hyaluronate: encourages skin hydration while improving the appearance of acne-related issues Arbutin: helps to reduce the appearance of acne-related

The Acne Advanced 3-Step Treatment System utilizes natural and botanical actives to deliver a proven organic solution for those looking to treat and prevent acne.