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Look Younger in a Single Treatment!

When you get older, elastin and collagen in the skin break down quicker than your body’s ability to build them. As a result, your skin loses elasticity and sags. Sun exposure and stress also contribute to sagging skin as well as the formation of wrinkles. Thermage, a form of non-invasive skin treatment, is available in our Santa Monica office and addresses the signs of aging in a single treatment. You do not need any surgery with Thermage in Santa Monica.

Thermage is a good alternative to a face lift especially for people who want to look younger but do not wish to go under the knife. Despite the significant effects you can enjoy with Thermage, it is affordable and downtime is very minimal. Thus, if you want a procedure that is more subtle yet has natural-looking results, Thermage is what you need.

Thermage is used to treat the face, eyes, neck, and abdomen. With Thermage, the skin on your face becomes tighter and smoother. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines and sculpts your jaw line. What you get is a younger and more vibrant look.

You can notice the effects of Thermage soon after the treatment. Improvements can continue for the next six months since your body creates new collagen for smoother skin.

Depending on the treatment area, the entire procedure can be completed in an hour or less. During treatments, radiofrequency energy is used to stimulate the body to create collagen. It is a simple procedure with wonderful effects.

If you are interested in improving skin elasticity and toning your trouble areas in a single treatment without going through any surgery, consider undergoing Thermage. You can contact AVA MD at 310-843-9915 for our Santa Monica office to learn more about this skin rejuvenation procedure. You are one step closer to looking younger and taking many years off your appearance.