Look Vibrant with Diamond Peel

Who does not want to look young and vibrant? Our goal at Ava MD is to help you achieve a youthful glow with the various aesthetic procedures available. Diamond peel in Beverly Hills is one of your options. It is a popular non-invasive method of exfoliating the skin and vacuuming dead skin cells with the use of micronized diamonds. This skin rejuvenation procedure takes away years off your face and keeps you looking vibrant.

How is it done?

Diamond peel makes use of a gentle microdermabrasion technique featuring a dual control system as well as an adjustable applicator head. Micronized diamonds are delivered steadily to the skin, removing the old surface. The procedure is safe and is performed in a controlled manner.

The diamond peel removes the skin’s topmost layer without causing any adverse effects such as irritation. Also, it helps in keeping the skin healthy with minimal to no redness at all.

The epidermis is regenerated in a diamond peel, improving the skin’s elasticity. Since dead skin cells are removed by the procedure, it gives room for new skin cells to grow. Thus, your skin will have a smoother texture.

After a diamond peel, a reduction in freckles and fine lines can be noticed immediately. Acne scars become less evident. A lot of patients say that their skin is smoother and younger following a diamond peel. Further improvements can be noticed as you go on with your treatments. Enhancing the effects of the procedure can be done by visiting AVA MD regularly.

The frequency of your treatments depends on the condition of your skin and the area that requires treatment. To know more about this skin rejuvenation procedure and how you can have a youthful and healthy glow, call AVA MD at 310-843-9915 for our Beverly Hills office and 310-828-2282 for the Santa Monica office.