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Fitness For Skin

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Strength training doesn’t just give you great muscle definition, it also gives you great skin!

While cardio builds up the strength of your internal systems, strength training builds your muscles by working them against force. It manages blood sugar, reducing the need for insulin and storing energy in the muscles instead of fatty tissues.

Strength training also contributes to great-looking skin by toning the muscles to which the skin is attached.

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I love walking as a form of exercise, because calms your mind while simultaneously getting your heart rate up.

If you’re an avid walker like me, check out this article from Prevention Magazine about the best walking shoes for women.

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Every fitness routine should include exercises to improve flexibility.

Involving gentle movement and deep breathing, stretching helps the skin by improving circulation, easing stress, and calming inflammation throughout your body – including your skin.

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There are very important benefits that your skin receives from regular physical activity. I know it can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation/time to exercise, so why go at it alone?

I suggest finding an exercise buddy that will keep you accountable and can also add a new level of fun to your workout!


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Yoga, breathing, stretching, and disciplines like Tai Chi are all great stress relievers.

Regular exercise also promotes a healthy sleep cycle, which is vital to your skin’s natural repair and renewal processes.