Eye Revivers

As a dermatologist I can tell you the one thing that nearly everyone asks about is eye revivers . . . eye cream, gels, serums etc.  What I’ve done is gathered a list of favored eye care products from our staff of amazing skin care experts here at AVA MD along with a couple of my own too. I’m listing products easy to attain and pocketbook friendly as well.


What you’re looking for is something featuring caffeine.  Caffeine provides the eye area with a diuretic effect, draining excess fluids. Eye rollers are a great way to go because you get a little gentle massage action as you apply.  Here’s what we suggest:

  • Clinique ‘All About Eyes Serum’ De-Puffing Eye Massage $28
  • Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller  $13

Wrinkles, crinkles, and sagging:

Line-lifting hero ingredients include retinols and peptides that stimulate collagen production to firm up tissue and help soften crow’s feet.  Here’s what we suggest:

  • Kinerase Extreme Eye Lift $95
  • Roc Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream  $24

Dark circles:

For dark circles, you want ingredients such as green tea and antioxidants like Vitamin C or Vitamin K to strengthen the micro-capillaries under the surface.  Here’s what we suggest:

  • Revision Skincare Teamine Eye Complex   $68
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream  $11

For more information on dark eye circle treatment, visit WebMD.com.


If your eyes are a priority and you can afford the investment, there’s no other product that offers the same eye reviving WOW as the Clarisonic Opal.  The sonic infusion accelerates the serum’s ability to firm, smooth and hydrate.

Please keep in mind that it is rare that one product can solve all your problems together.  So feel free to alternate your eye products on subsequent nights.  That said, give your products at least five weeks to two months before making your conclusions as to how well they work.  No matter what product you use for whatever condition you’re treating, it always takes at least that long for your skin to catch up with your good habits.  Happy eye reviving!