Expect Skin Care Challenges When You’re Expecting

Not only is gorgeous diva Beyonce expecting, she’s not missing a beat in either her high-octane career or show-stopping style. Although Beyonce may not have to worry about losing her six inch heels any time soon, as we mentioned in our Pregnancy Skin Care Tips post
, pregnant beauties everywhere experience hormonal fluctuations—and these can trigger some additional skin challenges during this exciting time in your life.

You may not have known about these possible skin issues prior to pregnancy, but don’t worry—
not everyone gets all of them, most are temporary, and all of them are treatable:

Melasma: Also known as ‘pregnancy mask,’ melasma is a brown or tan skin discoloration
appearing on the face.

Skintags: Small, loose growths of skin may show up under your arms, on your neck, breast and even around your groin.

Rashes: Eczema, dry scaly skin patches, hive-like bumps, or other irritations may show up at this time.

Dry, itchy skin: As your body gets bigger, the skin on your bump, breasts, thighs, and/or
buttocks may begin to itch.

Stretch marks: These reddish or purplish lines in the middle layer of the skin may occur as skin stretches.

Acne : Acne can appear in areas of the body you may not be used to seeing, such as your neck, jawline, back and chest; the postules can appear cystic, inflamed papules with white heads or miniature comedones.

If you notice any of these skin challenges, seek help from your dermatologist. She or he will
steer you on a safe course for treating or at least alleviating the condition during your pregnancy
and can suggest a more thorough, multi-modal course of treatment following your delivery to get
rid of any remaining effects.

What skin challenges did you experience or heard of others experiencing during pregnancy?