Dream Makeover Part 2: Goodbye Aging, Hello Radiance

Sheila always felt “…much younger than I look–which seems so unfair! Years of sun damage, acne scars and smoking in my 20’s have taken their toll, even though I’ve lived a healthy lifestyle for the past thirty years.” The hormonal changes of menopause also made Sheila’s skin prone to dryness, discoloration, and loss of volume. Read how Dr. Ava’s team targeted each issue with specific treatments, and be inspired to win your own Dream Makeover!

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Problem Area #1: Brown spots (solar lentigines) and uneven skin tone from years of sun damage

Treatment: The AVA MD team gave Sheila Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacials, which emit light in variable pulses to reduce uneven pigment, redness, and sun damage.

Results: Sheila noticed a remarkable evenness of skin tone: “I was resolved to living with sun damage and freckles as a natural part of the aging process. But months after the photofacials, these symptoms were continuing to disappear!

Problem Area #2: Sunken facial areas that were almost gaunt looking

Treatment: Thermage™ radiofrequency treatments to stimulate long-term collagen production plus fillers, Restylane® , Juvederm® , and Radiesse®, to immediately restore youthful volume.

Results: Sheila was ecstatic. “The Thermage treatments really stimulated collagen growth under the surface of my skin. I noticed a softening and lift in areas that were almost gaunt looking. It was delightful to see that more than half a year later, those improvements have remained. And what a miracle fillers are! I love how Radiesse immediately fills and softens where it’s injected. Fillers are less radical than a surgical facelift, and with Thermage, provided lasting effects.

Problem Area #3: Acne scars and deeper wrinkles

Treatment: Active FX/Deep FX® laser treatments to regenerate a new layer of healthy skin, promote skin tightening, and stimulate collagen formation and plumping of the skin.

Results: This was Sheila’s favorite treatment of the Dream Makeover. ”

The Active FX/Deep FX laser treatment yielded the most visibly profound improvements by far. Scars that used to stand out when I looked in the mirror were almost unnoticeable. The areas in particular around my cheekbones and under my eyes have a youthfulness that I haven’t seen since I was much younger.

Problem Area #4: Deep lines on the forehead and between the brows, resulting in a furrowed expression

Treatment: Botox® treatments to lift the brow area and relax the muscle causing the deep lines.

Results: Almost immediately, Sheila felt the difference. “Days after the treatment, I was loving the way my face looked around my forehead and eyes. What I didn’t realize is that Botox around the forehead is like getting a brow lift without the surgery. Not only does it make you look great, you feel more alert and refreshed because of the lift.


Problem Area #5: Sheila “always considered my eyes to be one of my best features. As I aged, however, I noticed the ‘hood’ that started to slip down over my eyelids. When I felt tired, the ‘hood’ would actually slip down and cover my eye shadow, so I didn’t even bother wearing eye shadow anymore. The excess skin made me look older and created a heaviness in my overall look.

Treatment: Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) by Dr. Saul from the AVA MD team.

Results: Eye-opening! “After Dr. Saul expertly removed the excess skin, my eyes regained youthfulness, and my true eyelids are forever visible again. The surgery has also made my eyes feel and look more open and alert. My eyelashes seem longer because they’re not being pushed down by the excess skin, and it’s fun to wear eye shadow again!

Dr. Ava’s Dream Makeover team made Sheila’s dreams of a younger, more radiant look a reality. What’s your favorite part of Sheila’s Dream Makeover? Don’t forget to take 5 minutes & enter to win your own AVA MD Dream Makeover before Oct. 31!

Next week: In the final chapter of our Dream Makeover, witness Sheila’s dramatic before & after photos and how she not just looks younger but feels younger, too.

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