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Stubborn Fat

Self-conscious about dimpled skin or small areas of fat? Our non-surgical body contouring techniques will assist you in getting back into shape.

CoolSculpting By ZELTIQ

Freeze fat cells for weight reduction
CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is a clinically proven procedure approved by the FDA that literally freezes fat cells away, resulting in an average 20% fat reduction per procedure in treated areas. After a single session, your body naturally breaks down and eliminates the crystallized fat cells from your system, enabling you to non-invasively lose fat over the next one to three months. (Beverly Hills Only).


Kybella is the first and only FDA approved injectable treatment for chin fat. It works by using deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body that can help eliminate fat. These fat cells are then naturally absorbed and eliminated by the body. Kybella is FDA approved for use on submental fat cells underneath the chin, and has shown clear results in reducing the appearance of double chins and contouring the chin area.

For more information about Kybella treatments, visit WebMD.com.


Contour the body you want
VASER Shape uses massage and ultrasonic therapy to firm, smooth, and contour the body by decreasing the appearance of cellulite temporarily. This non-invasive procedure can assist your body’s metabolism by improving blood circulation in the treatment area. (Beverly Hills Only).


The Futura Fit is an FDA-cleared device that tones muscles in those tricky areas that define the body. This pattern of electrical current dramatically changes the way your muscles shape your body. Futura Fit uses non-invasive, pain-free technology to guarantee results in just one session — without swelling, redness, or tenderness. Ultratone Futura Fit (Santa Monica Only).

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