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When to Combine CoolSculpting, Futura Fit, and ZWave

coolsculpting-beverly-hillsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved CoolSculpting procedure contours the body and freezes away unwanted fat in a safe and non-invasive way. Futura Fit uses both ultrasound and an electrical current to reduce excess belly fat in a safe and effective way. The ZWave uses high energy radial shockwaves to stimulate collagen formation and improve blood circulation. Dr. Ava Shamban and her associates are now using all these procedures together to guarantee results with no down time!


CoolSculpting is a good alternative to those who do not want to undergo liposuction, which is expensive and invasive for most people. The procedure is relatively painless. Most people read and check their email or watch TV while undergoing treatment. Once the area has been treated, the fat cells are frozen, then die, and the remains are processed and eliminated by the body. Ava MD will work with each individual patient to create a treatment plan that is tailored to his or her specific goals.

Futura Fit

Futura Fit is a non-invasive technique to help improve muscle tone and reduce fat in the abdominal, back and arm areas. The procedure uses ultrasound and an electrical current to stimulate the muscles in that region. Futura Fit works best with multiple treatments. Patients do see improvement after one treatment, but most see maximum results after four to six sessions. There is no recovery time after the procedure and most patients can return to all their daily activities immediately.


ZWaves shockwaves stimulate the formation of collagen while the skin becomes elastic and firmer. Results can be seen after just a few treatments. The shockwaves squeeze the tissues and break down the structure of the molecules. This will ensure that the fat structures are destabilized.

How Do CoolSculpture, Futura Fit and ZWave Work Together?

Dr. Ava is combining all three treatments together to give her patients the best results. CoolSculpting cools the area with a temperature that causes fat cells to freeze and die. Futura Fit works with the muscle by stimulating and improving the tone. Fat is naturally burned off when muscles are stimulated. Previously, after a CoolSculpting procedure, the area of treatment is massaged manually to optimize the results of the treatment. The massage helps dispense some of that cold to the surrounding areas of tissue. Instead of massage, Dr. Ava Shamban and her associates use the ZWave to stimulate the treated area. The ZWave is much more accurate and consistent in distributing results across the area. It is also much more comfortable to the patients instead of a manual massage and the pulse and speed can be controlled with the ZWave.

For some people, diet and exercise is not enough to reduce that unwanted fat and love handles. Now with Dr. Ava’s advanced technique of using all three procedures, patients will get that summer body they have always wanted!

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