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Tired of the red, painful lumps and bumps that come with acne? Acne affects between 40 and 50 million people in the United States, but that doesn’t make it any easier to handle when it’s affecting your skin. While most people think of acne as a problem for teenagers, it turns out that around half of all men and women over 25 also experience acne. In middle-aged groups, around 12% of women and 3% of men continue to have acne.

So what’s the deal? With so many acne treatments out there, many Ava MD patients come in frustrated after common treatments don’t work for them. At Ava MD, our board-certified medical providers are proud to offer cutting-edge treatments such as Sebacia.

What is Sebacia?

Sebacia is one of the newest acne treatments around. This treatment boasts innovative benefits without the side effects of Accutane and it doesn’t require you to take a daily pill.

Sebacia targets the cause of acne, which starts in the sebaceous glands that are all over your skin. This advanced treatment uses gold microparticles and the power of laser treatments to target the sebaceous glands that are responsible for oil production.

Many popular over-the-counter acne treatments focus on removing oil from the surface of the skin and thus dries out the area. This often ends up being ineffective since oil is produced beneath the skin, and most products are unable to change how the sebaceous glands work. Oil production is at the heart of each and every pimple. So, Sebacia targets the cause of acne and treats your skin from the inside out.

Who is a Candidate?

Anyone who is struggling with acne is a potential candidate for this fantastic treatment. Sebacia is safe for teenagers as well as adults.

Even if you are not currently having an acne flare, Sebacia can treat your skin to prevent future breakouts from developing. This result is achieved by changing the output of your sebaceous glands.

Sebacia works best for individuals with inflammatory acne, whiteheads, pustules, papules, and nodules. In essence, Sebacia works for almost any individual who wants to reduce their acne and clear up their skin!

What is the Sebacia Treatment like?

The Sebacia treatment is unique because it is not the type of acne treatment that you manage on your own. It’s not a cream that you apply twice a day. It’s not a pill that you need to take for months.

Instead, Sebacia is a ground-breaking acne treatment that is performed in the Ava MD office.

In just three 45-minute treatments, you will begin to notice lasting results.

By using the laser, the sebaceous glands will also get heated. This process will reduce your skin’s ability to produce sebum (oil) production. Sebaceous glands are sensitive to controlled heat. Sebacia works to use this natural loophole to curb oil production and help clear your skin.

What to Expect from Sebacia

To start your appointment, your skin will be cleansed to remove oil, pollution, and other possible irritants. Then, the gold microparticles will be applied to your skin in a gentle and relaxing massage.

Once the gold microparticles are on your skin, your Ava MD provider will use a laser to heat the microparticles and your skin. Don’t worry, though – the sensation feels more like a tiny pinprick instead of a burn.

Each treatment lasts about 45 minutes, and patients will need to come in for three treatments over 3 weeks.

Over the next 3 to 6 months, most people notice a reduction in their breakouts and clearer skin.

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