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Micro-needling with PRP

Microneedling is a popular non-invasive skin resurfacing technique used by celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian. PRP, short for platelet-rich plasma, is a treatment that utilizes the patient’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate collagen production.

When combined, these treatments can help to correct skin concerns, such as age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and more. In addition, it is a great way to brighten the overall complexion while evening skin tone and texture. Dr. Ava and her associates offer microneedling with PRP in order to bring out her patients’ natural beauty.

If you are interested in brightening and refreshing your appearance, microneedling with PRP may be good for you. Call Ava MD at 310-843-9915 (Beverly Hills) or 310-828-2282 (Santa Monica) to learn more and schedule your consultation!

What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, has long been used to help speed recovery from injuries. It has regenerative properties that are very useful in helping the skin heal itself, allowing for increased collagen production, which in turn plumps and firms the skin. Collagen is essential for repairing the skin and keeping it elastic, and PRP can help kick-start collagen production.

PRP is formed from the patient’s own blood, meaning that you don’t need to worry about an allergic reaction. The process involves taking a blood sample from the patient, then using a centrifuge to separate out the plasma. This plasma can then be used as a topical solution to help with any number of skin issues.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a non-invasive procedure in which tiny needles are used to create microscopic channels in the skin, allowing topical solutions, such as PRP, to penetrate deeper into the skin and work more effectively. Microneedling is safe and effective, and a great way to smooth and brighten the skin. It also stimulates collagen production, creating micro-injuries that push the skin’s healing powers into high gear.

Microneedling with PRP is a relatively painless and quick procedure with little to no downtime. There may be some swelling and redness following the procedure, which should go away on its own in a matter of hours or days, depending on the individual. It’s a great treatment option for people who don’t have a lot of time to spare for lengthy recovery times, and can be done periodically as skin maintenance once the initial sessions are over. Depending on the skin concern to be addressed, multiple treatments may be needed for optimal results. Dr. Ava will discuss the appropriate number of treatments during your consultation.

Schedule a Microneedling with PRP Consultation

If you are suffering from acne scars, wrinkling, brown spots, or just tired and drab looking skin, you may be a good candidate for microneedling with PRP. To learn more about this treatment and to schedule your consultation, just call Dr. Ava and her associates at 310-843-9915 (Beverly Hills) or 310-828-2282 (Santa Monica) today!

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