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“Rene is amazing!”

“LOVED Dr. Lisa Beaulieu! She was wonderfully professional but warm as well. ”

“Dr. Simzar was very knowledgeable, efficient and extremely funny! 2nd time seeing him, loved his personality, honesty and bedside manner! ”

“I would see Dr. Van Dyke if ever I was in need of his professional services. He was great! He must be of the new generation of doctors. ”

“The nurse practitioner was great.”

“Taya is excellent with her Professionalism and bedside manner”

“Dr. Van Dyke is always highly professional, warm and caring and reassuring. He does a beautiful job. ”

“I like and trust Dr. Van Dyke. That’s why I came back for a visit for myself to get a baseline taken.”

“Lisa is wonderful in every way.”

“Dr. Shamban was awesome. So knowledgable and easy to talk to. I feel like my skin is in the best hands.”

“I am a longtime patient of Rita. Love her. See her every 3 weeks no matter what. Have only missed 3 times in 10 years!”

“Honestly, Dr. Holly was probably the nicest doctor I’ve met and she was extremely helpful.”

“Lisa is terrific!”

“love Dr. Van Dyke”

“What I love most about Lisa is her honesty about what will and won’t work. Also, my biggest concern is looking ‘overdone’ or not natural and so far Lisa has been fantastic on that front.”

“I’ve been going to Dr. Shamban’s office for years and have always been very pleased with the attention and care I have received. I sought her practice out specifically because I had seen her approach to (cystic) acne on Extreme Makeover and was so impressed with the range of treatment options she offered. In my experience, most doctors, including dermatologists, do not take acne very seriously as a health issue. Dr. Shamban’s team has helped me through a lot of issues over the years, but when I hit 42, the fat pads under my eyes suddenly disappeared and the face greeting me in the mirror appeared sad and exhausted regardless of how I felt or how much sleep I got. I was very concerned about injecting anything into my face, but at the same time, I could tell that people were reacting differently to me now in social situations, so I was ready to consider it. There was no pressure or big sales pitch, but Lisa helped me to understand what was happening and was able to help me out with some very strategic, subtle injections of filler and Botox. It made SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE! I felt like myself again! I went from being “invisible” back to being someone that most people smile at in passing. Lisa is a true artist who understands the physiology of the face and skull. I feel safe and confident about her doing my treatments because I know the result will be that I look like myself- only more refreshed and vibrant. I don’t want to look unnatural or not be able to move my eyebrows and Lisa is an expert in providing fantastic yet natural looking results.” ~ Anonymous

“The customer service here is tops. I get treated so nicely. Thanks. And Lisa is a miracle worker. Helped me with a bad infection. Very intelligent woman. Great things to say about Shannon and the rest of the staff as well, especially the nice red headed lady at the front desk. :)” ~ Anonymous

“The doctors opinion that was relayed made me feel optimistic that with the treatments she recommended, I would achieve my desired results.”

“I went for my yearly skin check and had Dr. Simzar. He was very nice and they did two biopsies. One came back with cancer, I went back and Dr. Simzar did the MOHS surgery. It didn’t hurt and I was only there from 8am-11am. I get the stitches out at the end of this week. The people who work there are really kind and helpful. Yes, you have to pay for parking but really, most doctors offices in Los Angeles, you have to pay for parking unless you find street parking. Same here. Big deal. It is worth it to pay for some parking to go to a great doctor. I did not go for spa or cosmetic treatments, just medical and I will say this place is top notch!” ~ Anonymous

“I’ve been going to Ava Shamban’s offices for almost 10 years now. From treating acne to preventing aging, through the years as my skin has changed, the people at AVA MD are always knowledgeable, friendly and experts in the cutting edge of dermatology. I see Stefanie for monthly facials where she does a thorough cleaning or a silk peel and I always walk out with a glow.” ~ Anonymous

“I have been going to AVA MD SPA for facials with Stephanie. She is the best. She is also very nice and knows what she is doing. Very professional. Today, I came to see Teri who is a patient consultant. I came to get a consultation about Zeltiq and the CoolSculpting. She was very friendly. She took me to her room and explained how the machine works. She’s very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. She was not pushy or rushing me into getting the procedure done. We talked for quite a while, and I felt very easy to talk to her. The office looks very nice and clean. The waiting room is very cozy and has lots of goodies (cookies, coffee, tea, water). Parking is easy – lots of meter parking on the street. I highly recommend this place.” ~ Immie S.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Ava for years and I feel SO blessed she’s my Dermatologist. There is a plethora of doctors in this town who do cosmetic procedures like Botox®, fillers, etc. but she is a truly gifted genius as her approach is very subtle & minimal and her work is absolutely perfect. The real test however came at a time of crisis when about 2 years ago I suddenly broke out with an extremely rare skin condition called Guttate Psoriasis all over my body within a matter of days. Freaked out, I ran to her office & even though Doc was out of town, her nurse practitioner Christine immediately diagnosed my condition. My family & I had already planned a vacation to Mexico and while there the whole thing worsened to the point where I had to be seen by a local doctor who prescribed 3 different medications. Reluctant to take the meds, I called Christine from Mexico to run things by her…she and the entire staff were amazing in the way they responded to my needs even when I was thousands of miles away! They were literally bending over backwards for me and I will never forget that quality of care I received. Bottom line.. I send everyone I care about to Dr. Ava not just for the dime a dozen cosmetic procedures, but especially for skin diseases. I just LOVE her!” ~ Nilou G.

“Robin is awesome”

“Dr. Van Dyke was great!”

“Lisa is great. Extremely caring and helpful in answering questions about procedures.”

“Thank you so much for your time and expertise. You bring such passion and interest to your knowledge.” ~ Anonymous

“Again Taya always makes you feel special.”

“Rita is THE BEST!”

“The customer service here is tops. I get treated so nicely. Thanks. And Lisa is a miracle worker. Helped me with a bad infection. Very intelligent woman. Great things to say about Shannon and the rest of the staff as well, especially the nice red headed lady at the front desk. :)” ~ Anonymous

“I can’t say enough about the service I received from the Santa Monica office. After spending thousands of dollars in other offices, I finally found an office that knows skin! No frills or fuss but to the point basics of getting my skin beautiful. I tell everyone about Dr. Shamban, even other doctors!” ~ Buffy