The team at Ava MD is comprised of expert, board-certified dermatologists with a strong interest in staying at the forefront of cutting-edge dermatologic research.

Dr. Ava Shamban has been conducting clinical trials for over 15 years, in both cosmetic and medical dermatology, and is dedicated to the advancement of techniques and technology to help patients overcome their skin concerns.

New products, devices, and therapies are being developed all the time in the quest to provide patients with the best care, and Dr. Ava enjoys being able to further help her patients in this way.

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History of Clinical Trials

Dr. Ava Shamban, Dr. Soheil Simzar and Dr. Gregory Van Dyke have conducted clinical trials in several areas of dermatology, including:

Clinical Trials in Santa Monica

Ava MD’s newly expanded facilities in Santa Monica are home to Phase II through Phase IV clinical research trials. These trials are invaluable in helping to prove the safety and effectiveness of new products and devices, and Dr. Ava is happy to take part in the development of these new cosmetic and dermatologic therapies. Studies are ongoing throughout the year, and patients can see about enrollment at any time.

Enroll in a Clinical Trial with Ava MD

Patients can learn more about current research trials and how to participate by either calling (310) 736-6146 (Santa Monica) or emailing

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"Dr. Simzar was very knowledgeable, efficient and extremely funny! 2nd time seeing him, loved his personality, honesty and bedside manner!"

November 27, 2015

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